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Life Every stage of life,
you are open to immense risk and immense opportunity. And Razzak Insurance Services has the ideal bouquet of insurance products for each of those risks and opportunities.
Home It won't happen to my home.
That is precisely what owners were thinking, in each of the scores of homes destroyed every year by fire, burglary and explosion among other causes.
& Health
Accidents are a fact of life.
Whether you are an individual or a corporate, you are essentially looking for the same thing: to take care of the people you value - either your family or your employees.
Travel These are the things you plan for when you travel - business, sight seeing, shopping. How about lost baggage (and passports), personal accidents, even a hospital stay in a strange land? Very few people plan for real risks like these.
Motor Automobiles. Accidents.
One out of every three cars is damaged in an accident.
Fortunately the law in India makes it compulsory for you to insure your motor vehicle.
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